Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

The department has about 16 well designed laboratories. The department has a selected group of experienced faculty under whom students learn the latest techniques. Apart from studying the basic hardware and theoretical aspects of computer, the students are thoroughly taught latest languages, platforms, connection management and administration with all the development tools, so that students can get cutting edge exposure. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology is relevant to contemporary needs which promises to produce consummate computer professionals. The students are imparted knowledge through lectures, seminars, group discussions and debates. The students are assigned projects in various emerging areas under the guidance of specialised faculties for practical skill development. The students are provided with specialised training by expert professionals in their field during vacations. Special lectures are frequently delivered by invited academicians and experts from industries. Internet facilities are available for staff and students through dedicated Wi-Fi campus.

• Computer Programming Lab
• Data Structures Lab
• Numerical Techniques Lab
• DBMS Lab
• Operating System Lab
• Algorithms Lab
• Object Oriented Techniques Lab
• Computer Graphics Lab
• Computer Network Lab
• Web Technology Based Software Engg Lab
• Compiler Construction Lab
• Distributed System Lab
• Digital Image Processing Lab
• Artificial Intelligence Lab
• Functional and Logic Programming Lab