Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

Nobody can deny the importance of electrical engineering. It is the essential component of every development Project, Industry, Defence, Communication and Welfare Schemes of the society. Infact, electricity consumption per
capita has become the measure of advancement of any country. The Government is contemplating a vast expansion in power sector for which there will be a large demand of electrical engineers.

The college has a well-equipped Electrical Engineering Department. The college has well equipped laboratories in Electrical Engineering Department with all necessary and modern equipments to train the students in practical aspects of technology with modern technological innovations which are operated under the guidance of skilled technical staff.

• Control System Lab
• Electrical Engineering Lab
• Electrical Instrumentation Lab
• Electrical Machines Lab
• Electrical Measurement Lab
• Electrical Network Lab
• Electrical Simulation Lab
• Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion-I Lab
• Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion-II Lab
• EN CAD lab
• Numerical Technique Lab
• Power Electronics Lab
• Power System & Protection Lab