B.Tech. 1st Year All Branches Practical Schedule Even Sem. 2016-17

All students of B.Tech. 1st year are hereby informed that the schedule of Practical Examinations (Even Semester) 2016-17 is as follows:

Subject Code Branch Date
Computer Prog. Lab RCS-251 CE + ME (Regular + Re-Admission) 27.05.2017
Engg. Chemistry Lab RAS-252 CE + ME (Regular + Re-Admission)  
Engg. Mechanics Lab RME-251 CE + ME (Regular + Re-Admission) 29.05.2017
Graphics Lab RCE-251 CE + ME (Regular + Re-Admission) 28.05.2017
Professional Communication Lab RAS-254 CS+IT+EN+EC (Regular + Re-Admission) 28.05.2017
Workshop Practice Lab RME-252 CS+IT+EN+EC (Regular + Re-Admission) 29.05.2017
Basic Electrical Lab REE-251 CS+IT+EN+EC (Regular + Re-Admission)  27.05.2017
Engg. Physics Lab RAS-251 CS+IT+EN+EC (Regular + Re-Admission)  30.05.2017
Surveying & Leveling Lab RAG 251 Agricultural Engineering 29.05.2017
Element of Mechanical Engg. Lab RAG 252 Agricultural Engineering  
Computer Prog. Lab RAS 253 Agricultural Engineering  
Graphics Lab RME 254 Agricultural Engineering  




(Dr. Viresh Varshney)

 Dean Academic

        ACET, Aligarh