B. Tech I Year

NOTICE All students of B.Tech. 1st year are hereby informed that the schedule of Practical Examinations (Even Semester) 2018-19 is as follows: Reporting Time: 09:00 AM Subject Code Branch Date Computer Prog. Lab KCS-201 EC+CE+EN+ME+IT+AG (Regular + Re-Admission) 03/06/2019 Engg. Read more

B. Tech (EC+EN)

S.N. Sub. Name & Code Branch Year Date 1 BEE Lab (KEE-201) CS 1st 29th May, 2019 2 MPMC Lab. (REC-451) EC 2nd 1st June, 2019 3 EMI Lab. (REC-452) EC 2nd 1st June, 2019 4 AES Lab. (REC-453) EC Read more

B. Tech (ME)

Year Date Subject Lab 2nd Year 29-05-2019 M/C DRAWING (RME-453) 29-05-2018 ELECTRICAL MACHINE AND CONTROL(REE-459) 31-05-2019 MANF. SCIENCE- IIND  (RME-452) 31-05-2019 MEASUREMENT AND METROLOGY (RME-451) 3rd Year 03-06-2019 MACHINE DESIGN II (RME-653) FLUID MACHINERY (RME-651) 04-06-2019 RAC (RME-654) 03-06-2019 TOM Read more

B. Tech (CS+IT)

Reporting Time: 09:00 A.M.    B. Tech CS/IT II Year  S.No. Branch Lab Name Date 1. CSE TAFL(RCS-453) 31/ 05/2019 2. CSE OS(RCS-451) 31/ 05 /2019 3. CSE SE(RCS-452) 30/ 05 /2019 4. CSE PYTHON(RCS-454) 01/ 06/2019 5. IT TAFL(RCS-453) Read more