B. Tech I Year

NOTICE All students of B.Tech. 1st year are hereby informed that the schedule of Practical Examinations (Even Semester) 2018-19 is as follows: Reporting Time: 09:00 AM Subject Code Branch Date Computer Prog. Lab KCS-201 EC+CE+EN+ME+IT+AG (Regular + Re-Admission) 03/06/2019 Engg. Read more

B. Tech (EC+EN)

S.N. Sub. Name & Code Branch Year Date 1 BEE Lab (KEE-201) CS 1st 29th May, 2019 2 MPMC Lab. (REC-451) EC 2nd 1st June, 2019 3 EMI Lab. (REC-452) EC 2nd 1st June, 2019 4 AES Lab. (REC-453) EC Read more

B. Tech (ME)

Year Date Subject Lab 2nd Year 29-05-2019 M/C DRAWING (RME-453) 29-05-2018 ELECTRICAL MACHINE AND CONTROL(REE-459) 31-05-2019 MANF. SCIENCE- IIND  (RME-452) 31-05-2019 MEASUREMENT AND METROLOGY (RME-451) 3rd Year 03-06-2019 MACHINE DESIGN II (RME-653) FLUID MACHINERY (RME-651) 04-06-2019 RAC (RME-654) 03-06-2019 TOM Read more

B. Tech (CS+IT)

Reporting Time: 09:00 A.M.    B. Tech CS/IT II Year  S.No. Branch Lab Name Date 1. CSE TAFL(RCS-453) 31/ 05/2019 2. CSE OS(RCS-451) 31/ 05 /2019 3. CSE SE(RCS-452) 30/ 05 /2019 4. CSE PYTHON(RCS-454) 01/ 06/2019 5. IT TAFL(RCS-453) Read more


Aligarh College of Engineering & Technology , Aligarh is organising Mega Job Fair on 2nd April 19 in college premises. The objective of Mega Job Fair is to provide fair opportunities to the students of Aligarh Region wherein they will Read more