Agricultural Engineering

Duration Department Intake Affiliation Approvals
4 years (8 semesters) Agricultural Engineering 60 Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University AICTE

Agricultural Engineering, involves application of engineering to production, processing, preservation and handling of food, feed and fibre. It also includes the transfer of engineering technology for the development and welfare of rural areas and masses. The major fields of Agricultural Engineering are:

  • Farm Power and Machinery.
  • Soil and water Conservation and Management Engineering (including watershed management, command area development, conservation, irrigation and filed drainage).
  • Irrigation (including surface and ground water development).
  • Agricultural Process Engineering
  • Farm Storage Engineering.
  • Farm Building and Structures.
  • Rural water supply, rural roads, rural housing, rural sewerage and other aspects of rural engineering.
  • Agriculture for Engineers Lab
  • Surveying & Leveling Lab
  • Farm Machinery Lab
  • Soil Mechanics Lab
  • Farm Power Lab
  • Farm Machinery Design Lab
  • Irrigation Engineering Lab
  • Dairy & Food Engineering Lab
  • Soil & Water Conservation Lab
  • Crop Process Engineering Lab
  • Hydrology Lab
  • EPBM Lab
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1 B.Tech Agricultural Engineering 4th Year Download
2 B.Tech Agricultural Engineering 3rd Year Download
3 B.Tech Agricultural Engineering 2nd Year Download
4 B.Tech Agricultural Engineering 1st Year Download